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What makes Tstone work

Tstone’s Secret—Volcanic Eruptions and Gas Bubbles

The Tstone is made of tephra, which can also be referred to as tuff, a light porous rock formed during volcanic eruptions. Tephra is a very close cousin to pumice—both are solid materials explosively ejected from volcanic eruptions—but tephra is uniquely different.

Tephra is more porous than pumice because it comes from the upper layer of lava that was foamy with gas bubbles. As a result, tephra has smaller pores with a finer, softer and less abrasive surface texture.

This is the key to Tstone’s effectiveness. Without harshness or abrasiveness, the Tstone delicately grips and lifts the hair and comfortably exfoliates the skin eliminating in-grown hairs and consequently razor bumps.