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Blended from natural extracts for a soothing aftershave. Made with aloe, vitamin E and organic tea tree oil to calm skin and lock in moisture.After shaving, spray balm into hand; gently rub into your beard with a circular motion.ALL NATURAL, PARABEN FREE, TESTED ON HUMANS, NOT BUNNIES. 4 oz.

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Blended from natural extracts of Tea Tree, Aloe Vera and Witch Hazel to ensure TStoneing™ is smooth and invigorating. Tea Tree oil stimulates and cleans the skin. Witch Hazel and Aloe provide soothing moisture. Wet face with warm water. Rub gel into skin with circular motion. Rub your Tstone on skin, then shave as normal. Gel can be used as shave...

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Get the full advantage of the entire Tstone System. This kit contains our PreStone Gel, the Tstone and the AfterStone Balm so you can be a true Razor Bump Master. 8oz. PreStone Gel4oz. AfterStone BalmTstone Razor Bump Master

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Instead of spending countless hours using tweezers and needles to pull out ingrown hairs that cause razor bumps, show off your smooth skin by using our patented product called the Tstone. It has a convex shape head made of a specially formulated lava stone called Tephra to follow the contours of your face, neck and head area. The Tstone exfoliates the dead skin and...