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"The TSTONE has definitely minimized the razor bumps on my neck." - Mike 

"I had this razor bump  that was nagging me and I finally got rid of it with the TSTONE." - Max

The dermatologist did not have an answer for me , so when I discovered the TSTONE, I used it for a couple of weeks and my neck cleared up considerably." - Derrick (co-owner)

"I have been using the TSTONE for a week and it is doing great so far!" - Branden M. 

"Because of the TSTONE razor bump master, I no longer have to use a product that was messy and time consuming." - Sam (co-owner)

"I take the TSTONE with me where ever I go,I don't leave home without it." - Wayne

"I really like the TSTONE and it also removes dead skin." -  A.P

"I cannot believe how fast the TSTONE took care of my bikini bumps!" - Val

"The TSTONE is doing great! It also works on the back of my head around my  hair line!" - F.S.

"It's a miracle!" - Michael

"The TSTONE works really well." - John

"I bought three TSTONES! One for home, office and when I travel!" - Jonathan

"Man! This thing is a miracle!" - Kevin

"I like the fact that you can pull multiple ingrown hairs out at one time with the TSTONE instead of pulling them out individually with a needle." - RJ

"TSTONE is working good!! Definitely see a difference in my neck after first use. I'm going to try it on the back of my head since I'm sporting the bald look for the summer." - K.S.

"I purchased one about 2 months ago, and was a bit skeptical at first, since every technique I tried prior to reduce the formation of ingrown hairs always ended up being for naught. But, after the first use of the TStone, I was thoroughly impressed with how well it worked. My problems with irritation after shaving are now essentially non-existent. This product definitely deserves more marketing." -Shaun

"Had razor bumps after shaving my beard, used the t stone and they were completely gone in 3-4 days. I mean skin smooth gone." -Chad

"I recommended the t-stone to all of my guy friends and now they swear by it! They stick to this alone to get rid of their razor bumps. I'm glad I could help them." - Skyler James

"Thank you for creating this product. It really smoothes my face out and gives me a younger look. Excellent product!!" - Eric James

"You'll go from bumpy to smooth when you use this tool. TSTONE it is the best!!!!!!" - Mike D.