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TSTONE description

Don't spend countless hours using tweezers and needles to pull out in-grown hairs that cause razor bumps, use our patent-pending Tstone. It is made of a special lava stone called Tephra hand-cut into a convex shape to follow the contours of your face, neck or head to exfoliate the skin and lift hairs to prevent them from becoming in-grown.

Before you shave, soften the hair and open the pores of the skin with hot or warm water. Lubricate the area to shave with PreStone Gel, then wet the Tstone with hot water. Gently move the Tstone up and down against the grain of the hair to gently pull the in-grown hairs out of the skin. Rinse the area with warm water—if razor bumps are severe, apply cold water. Now shave normally. After you shave, moisturize your face and neck with AfterStone Balm. See our demonstration video »

Use the Tstone at least once a day in between shaves to prevent razor bumps. You are guaranteed to see results in just 10 days »